Youth Sports Get Fan2Field FREE!

Fan2Field is free for youth sports from now until September 1st 2021 for all youth sports fields or teams.

If you want to bring more fans to the field without the hassles and risks of them being in the stands or you just want a bigger audience, get Fan2Field. Fan2Field is the sports product from All you need is internet access, a webcam, a connected device and a speaker or pa system.

With Fan2Field, Fans from all around the world like Grandma in Sioux Falls South Dakota can cheer on your team no matter where they play. Have a team in Los Angeles and Fans in Detroit? Bring them into the game with Fan2Field. Using buttons on a smart phone display or a tablet, fans can cheer, boo, whistle, laugh and awww for their favorite teams and players. It’s that easy.

Your team needs fans to get to their best performance. It is proven that all performers elevate the performance when they know there is a real live audience watching. With a webcam and a speaker, your team can hear fans from all around the country and even the world. We offer complete portable packages too! Call for a quote today.

Sign up today and get one year free! Its on the website but your account will be auto converted to the Fan2Field.Live webpage soon.